Books To Learn About Artificial Intelligence

Modern computing technology has combined with the power of the internet to open up a world of possibilities. But which are the best books to learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Take a look at these selections!

The Master Algorithm

books to learn about artificial intelligence, the master algorithm by pedro domingosNo less an authority than Bill Gates recommends The Master Algorithm by Pedro Domingos.

Domingos reviews the current developments around artificial intelligence from a variety of players, such as the academic researchers who push the boundaries of computing potential and the commercial giants like Google and Amazon who are trying to leverage the power of AI to grow their business.

This books covers all the major aspects of artificial intelligence, discussing their theoretical framework, practical applications and the direction for future growth. You will learn about where this dynamic field came from, and where it is headed over the next several years.

It is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a broad overview of Artificial Intelligence, instead of a “how-to” manual on how to work with it.

Make Your Own Neural Network

books to learn about artificial intelligence, make your own neural network by tariq rashidNeural Networks represent one type of Artificial Intelligence, which is useful for helping computers to learn about complex problems over time. Tariq Rashid’s Make Your Own Neural Network walks you through the process of creating a neural network to solve a specific problem, having a computer recognize handwritten digits 0-9 by processing the image.

At first this sounds complex, something that would require a college course to solve, but Rashid’s step-by-step approach teaches you the key concepts along the way.

By the end you are left with a surprisingly short and simple program that correctly recognizes handwritten digits about 99% of the time.

Best of all, you don’t need a programming background to complete the exercises. Rashid goes through the basics of Python, and the instructions are clear and comprehensive.

If you want a practical guide to build a real-world application of Artificial Intelligence, you must order this book.

Artificial Intelligence For Humans

books to learn about artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence for humans by jeff heatonFor a thorough instruction on both the theory and practical application of AI, you can’t do better than Jeff Heaton’s three-volume series Artificial Intelligence For Humans.

While these books go through a detailed description of various Artificial Intelligence technique, they require only a basic math and computing background. They will help you go from novice to expert on how the various AI methods can be used to break down a given problem.

AI For All

Whether you are looking for a high-level overview of Artificial Intelligence, you want to try your hand at creating a real-world example of such a system, or need to take a deep dive into the theory and application of various AI methods, these three books should have you covered.

If you have a favorite title of your own to share, let us know in the comments below!