Books To Help You Conquer the World

So you want to conquer the world?

That’s no small task, but if you’re reading this you obviously have big ambitions.

Whether conquering the world means building a successful business, achieving political office, or driving your armies across the Eurasian steppe, don’t get started without reading some good advice!

The Art of War

books to help you conquer the world, the art of war by sun tzu

One of the most ancient and revered books in human history, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War has inspired leaders for more than 2,500 years.

This classic text contains wisdom that applies to any area a reader would like, not just military matters. Business professionals, athletes, political figures, and any other competitive person will find value in these 13 chapters.

You will want to keep this book handy, as this isn’t a quick read that you blaze through and store on a shelf somewhere. Instead, it’s best to take in small selections on a regular basis, and think on them in light of whatever situation confronts you on that day.

Every aspiring conqueror needs a wise adviser, so why not select the ancient master Sun Tzu?

The Prince

books to help you conquer the world, the prince by niccolo machiavelliThere are all sorts of books to help you become a caring, benevolent leader, the “first among equals” of a modern, touchy-feely team.

The Prince is not one of those books!

Nope, The Prince is all about the cold, hard business of ruling. It tells you how to acquire power, and perhaps even more importantly, how to hold on to it.

Classic lines like “it is far safer to be feared than loved” have established Niccolo Machiavelli’s masterpiece as the go-to manual for those who want to get to the top and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

But if you are inspired by The Prince and manage to conquer the world, watch out! There’s probably someone else coming up behind you who is also following Machiavelli’s advice.

Power: A User’s Guide

books to conquer the world, power a users guide by julie diamond phdFor a practical, modern approach to leadership and influence, check out Power: A User’s Guide by Julie Diamond, PhD.

This book uses psychological research to help you effectively and ethically exert power in a variety of settings. Rather than an abstract discussion of political theory, it offers exercises and lessons in the day-to-day application of power. If you or someone you know is stepping up to a new level of responsibility, this guide will turn theory into practice.

You can find the author on Twitter at @julie_diamond.

Read, Then Conquer The World

If you are ready to conquer the world, you can’t do better than these three advisers to help you achieve your goal.

For the sage wisdom of a military counselor, go with The Art of War by Sun Tzu. If political maneuvering is your challenge, get Machiavelli’s The Prince. And for a more down-to-earth, modern approach to the practical use of authority, pick up a copy of Power: A User’s Guide by Julie Diamond.

Now get out there and shake the earth!