Books To Buy Your Mom

When it comes to books to buy your mom, you can take a variety of different directions. You can get her something that speaks to her nurturing, maternal role in your life, or perhaps send a message that will inspire her to keep growing as an individual.

Take these suggestions to heart before shopping for your own mom, and tell us about your choices in the comments below!

From Cradle to Stage

books to buy your mom, from cradle to stage by virginia hanlon grohlFor you rock stars out there, your mom might appreciate From Cradle to Stage, by Virginia Hanlon Grohl, the mother of Foo Fighters founder and all-around rock god Dave Grohl. She shares her experiences raising an artistically gifted child, and also those of other mothers of music stars such as Amy Winehouse, Miranda Lambert and Adam Levine.

Some of these journeys went smoother than others, obviously, but each mother faced her own challenges in fostering the unique talent their child brought to the music world.

Getting your mom this book also offers you a chance to drop the message, “hey, I’m a rock star, too!”

A Dream Come True

books to buy your mom, a dream come true by jeryn turnerFor a deep dive into the special relationship between a mother and daughter, buy A Dream Come True by Jeryn Turner (@jerynturner on Twitter). In this novel, a mother surprises her daughter by inviting her on a trip to Peru to celebrate her birthday.

What might start out as a tourist adventure becomes instead a contemplative and spiritual journey through space and time. Both mother and daughter discover deeper levels to their relationship as they travel to Peru’s Sacred Valley, and open up to each other as never before.

For those daughters who enjoy a close relationship with their mothers, this book should prompt some very meaningful conversations. You can also learn more about the author at her website,

The Women In The Castle

books to buy your mom, the women in the castle by jessica shattuckIf Mom enjoys adventure, The Women in the Castle makes a fine choice. In the aftermath of World War II three widows are brought together in a desperate attempt to salvage their families and regain some sense of what life was like before the war. Their husbands were all murdered after taking part in a failed plot to kill Adolf Hitler, but each of the three comes from a different background and faces a different set of circumstances in post-war Germany.

Want to learn more? Check out this trailer video that the author features at her website:

Jessica Shattuck (@jessicashattuck on Twitter) has seemingly struck gold once again with this novel, following up on her other well-received books The Hazards of Good Breeding and Perfect Life.

Books To Buy Your Mom

So there you have it, three selections from which to choose a great gift for your mother. She can find common ground with a fellow mother like Virginia Grohl, go on a spiritual journey with Jeryn Turner, or a high adventure with Jessica Shattuck. If you have a special book that you have bought for your mom, please share it in the comments below!

  • These look like really great recommendations! I love the idea of gifting books, too! Instead of some other silly things that will just end up cluttering a space, a book can actually be used and enjoyed. Thanks for sharing this!


  • Joanne Fung

    I love these suggestions! I’m so glad I popped across this post before Mother’s Day – thanks for these recommendations. I bought my mom a gardening book a while ago, but now I’m looking for some prose.

    Joanne |